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Fully Automated High-Plex Proteomics to Enable Accelerated Immune Medicine

IsoPlexis’ unique new high-plex automated immunoassay applications uniquely enable decentralization of multiplexed and fully automated functional proteomics for accelerated insights. This technology can identify 20-30 cytokines in bulk, with only 11 µL of sample per chip, analyzed on the fully automated, benchtop IsoLight system. IsoPlexis’ proteomics platform widens access to advanced insights provided by improved and re-engineered ELISA technology, with a small footprint and end-to-end automation. Recently, high-plex automated immunoassays were utilized in multiple high-impact studies, characterizing inflammatory markers of neurological symptoms of COVID-19 (BMC Neurology & Cell), and in discovering metastasis initiators to develop a potential therapy to improve cancer patient outcomes.

In this event brought to you by IsoPlexis, speakers will describe how high-plex automated immunoassays facilitate critical discoveries in immune medicine, accelerating the development of advanced therapeutics across disciplines such as cellular regenerative medicine, cancer immunology, infectious disease, and inflammation.

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Sean Mackay
CEO and Co-Founder
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Jon Chen
Technology Co-Inventor

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Transforming Space and Time:How Detecting the Most Powerful Cells is Advancing Next Generation Immune Medicine

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