How Can You Design Better Assays? A Framework for Process Optimization

How Can You Design Better Assays A Framework for Process Optimization

Download this white paper to learn about a framework for process optimization for assays, courtesy of Artel

How can you create processes that reduce variability, maximize data quality and reproducibility, and improve efficiency? A process optimization approach is a systematic approach to improving your processes. It involves breaking down the assay workflow into smaller modules, then focusing on five key points:

  1. What is the optimization goal for this module?
  2. How are the steps in this module currently being implemented?
  3. What is the impact on the assay if this module is not optimized?
  4. How can you assess how well this module is performing?
  5. Based on your assessment, what are the sources of variability and inaccuracy that you have found and how can they be managed?

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