Convenient Diagnostics Reporting of NGS Data for Rare Cancers 

Convenient Diagnostics Reporting of NGS Data for Rare Cancers

Download this Application Note to learn how to easily generate diagnostics reports for rare cancers using a comprehensive database curated by real experts, courtesy of QIAGEN.

Understanding the patient's genetic profile is crucial for precision oncology, particularly for rare cancers, where biological and clinical knowledge is still lacking. As a genomics lab, you spend considerable time and effort generating diagnostic reports on next generation sequencing (NGS) data.

This is where your lab could benefit from fully automated analysis of patients' profile using comprehensive software. QCI Interpret One is a clinical decision making software that:

  • transparently collates information from various databases,
  • reliably annotates variants,
  • is manually curated by clinical experts to aid interpretation,
  • includes suggestions on whether germline genetic testing is needed, and
  • allows for customizable reports based on the information being sought.

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